• I saw a write up about Stuffitts in Runner's World. I thought a pair for each of the runner's in my family would be a great stocking stuffer. I would recommend it for everybody - even those that are not runners.

    - Denyse Gibbs
  • I've had my MTB shoes in some of the most horrible, stink-inducing conditions you could possibly imagine, and my Stuffitts never fail to get them dry and fresh within 24 hours. They're amazing!

    - Andrea Wilson, Brickhouse Racing
  • I can't say enough great things about this product...not only has it brought my mtb shoes back to life time and time again after a wet ride or race, but it's dramatically improved the smell of my bike room!

    - Dana Baurhenn
  • Stuffitts are one of those pieces of gear that you don't even know you need until you 'discover' them, and then wonder how you ever did without. They are now mandatory equipment in my adventure racing kit.

    - Andy
  • I got a pair for my running shoes, and they were awesome. I'm a nurse and wear sneakers every day on the unit. I'm getting another pair of Stuffitts for my work shoes. Thanks!

    - Morgan | Fort Worth, TX
  • They keep the shape of my shoes and absorb the sweat.  Advise all to get them to save the wear and tear on your shoes.

    - Spencer Virtue
How can I save my shoes with Stuffitts?

Stuffitts is a soft, form-fitting shape that is inserted into shoes after wearing. Combining new fabric technology, a unique foot-shaped design that maximises point-to-point absorption, and soft cedar inserts - a pair of Stuffitts can help extend the life of your shoes significantly by protecting your shoes from moisture and odour! Stuffitts work effectively in all types of shoes, boots, and cleats... they also come in sizes to fit men, women, and children. They are made from 100% natural cedar and are 100% reusable.
Help your shoes last a shoe lifetime by ordering a pair of Stuffitts Shoe Savers today!
Whether a runner, hiker, cyclist or golfer, Stuffitts are the perfect Christmas gift for that active person in your life!

Stuffitts is a uniquely effective affordable drying system for shoes

Now available in South Africa!


  • Dual-wick fabric combined with natural cedar inserts quickly and effectively protect shoes from moisture and odour.
  • Soft, lightweight, foot-shaped form fits easily into all types of shoes. 100% natural cedar means no chemicals, sprays or powders touch shoes or feet.
  • Convenient carry straps keep dry and fresh-smelling shoes together wherever you go.
  • Reusable over and over again!